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I launched my lifestyle blog- The Glamorous Gleam, back in 2009 as an outlet to share my beauty & fashion musings and adventures out and about in NYC, and beyond. The focus of my blog has since expanded to include lifestyle content that reflects my personal experiences and growth as I continue to live, learn and “glow up”. My platform has also grown and now includes a Youtube Channel along with other social media platforms, and a cooking blog- Moore Mealz.

I am available for collaboration on digital content creation, including sponsored blog posts, video production and social media campaigns. I’m also available for brand consultation, ambassadorships and event hosting.

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I’ve been using the moniker GlamMzMore since launching my YouTube channel in 2010. It’s a play on my name and is pronounced Glam Miss MooreGlam pays homage to my blog and first project- The Glamorous Gleam, which I launched in 2009. I shortened Miss and spelled it with a Z in honor of  Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., in which I am a member. More is a play on my last name- Moore. 

I’ve become well known and have amassed a following across social media under the moniker. My followers value my opinion and appreciate the genuine tips and recommendations that I provide. Inherently, GlamMzMore has become my brand.


My journey as a hair stylist began when I was just twelve years old. I grew tired of waiting for others to do my hair and started practicing the styles of the moment on myself. I became good at it and branched out to practicing on family & friends.

When new styles came on the scene, I would practice on my own head until I perfected the style, before offering to do it for others. I maintain this practice today. Any style that I offer, I’ve practiced and perfected on my head first. 

I decided to center my services around natural haircare in 2015 after embarking on my natural hair journey. After doing the big chop, I started creating hair tutorials to help others with my hair texture learn how to care for their hair. When I realized that some were still having trouble- even with the provided tutorials, I decided to offer natural hair styling and consultation services. My specialty is Tapered Cuts and making all types of curls pop!

I started my makeup artistry journey in 2010 after practicing and perfecting my craft. I believe that beauty comes from within. That is why I focus on providing minimal glam makeup looks that allows the natural beauty to shine through.

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I believe that beauty starts from the inside out. Self care is not only keeping up with outside appearances, but also maintaining good health & wellness. Diet plays a major role in this and the best way to control your diet is to cook the majority of your meals at home. However, meal prep can become boring and time consuming, and you may be tempted to dine out  instead. That’s why I launched my cooking blog- Moore Mealz,to share quick & easy recipes inspired by the Soul Food dishes that I ate growing up, my dining experiences & experimentation.

I’m not afraid to experiment in the kitchen, and that’s what makes cooking fun. My hope is to inspire others to have enjoyable experiences in the kitchen, and not think of cooking as a chore.